How to use WhatsApp for lead generation and business promotions.

WhatsApp is well know mobile app used across globe for its simplicity and easy to use for personal and official use. Targeting WhatsApp users is the best way to segment and target your customers. WhatsApp allow marketers share daily product/service updates using Bulk WhatsApp blaster. This way user get better insights by other business owners adding them to group chat room on post campaign. Advantage of this feature, there are more chances of your message to go viral when the participant shares the content with their friends, marketeers content will be shared across all groups.

Initially people used for personal communication, now its being used :

Sales Team Report group

Mira Apartments Society Group

Account Team

Crazy Cousin’s

Mad Bad Friends

Leave Management and many such more

latest WhatsApp being used for business promotions, online mobile application helps company/institute helps to connect with user in very short time. Online WhatsApp Blaster has built in software for mass communication up to 20,000 users in single click.

How does Bulk WhatsApp message work ?

WhatsApp blaster has easy to use interface, user has to login, upload text/image/video and last part is insert WhatsApp user database to run campaign on 10 lakh numbers in single day.

WhatsApp Blaster is flexible upload multimedia content as Video, Audio Clip, HD Image and text up to 1,000 char. Campaign content have to be informative. Rich content leave long term impact and leads to business opportunity after every campaign. Create humorous content to get quick attention which make WhatsApp user to read and immediate react on it.

Whats is WhatsApp marketing

From Where to purchase Bulk WhatsApp Message Blaster ?

Spear Communication provide Bulk WhatsApp and SMS panel. Any individual can use this panel and run WhatsApp campaign. Try Free Demo and explore tricks of Bulk WhatsApp Message Blaster. Contact Team Spear and experiment trail campaign with  free demo account.