Tez app is available to use on Android as well as iOS, and supports various local languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. The registration process starts with your mobile number associated with your bank accounts to set up this app. Google Tez app sends an OTP SMS from your number to the bank to get UPI access. For a fresh UPI ID for you and links it to the Google account. On Android, the Google Account is selected by default as the one used on your phone, but you can change the ID by logging into the other account; the ID will be linked to one Google Account only. Manual process to be followed for iPhone, to sign into their Google Accounts.
Google Tez app deliberately makes user to undergo few extra process, to secure data, you have the option of App lock using your fingerprint available in user device fingerprint scanner. Secondary option to keep the same Security PIN as screen unlock for safety use.
Sending money using the app is fairly easy, user can tap in the payments tab and lists all the contacts in your phone book with Google Tez app. Other payment needs to be followed as user have the option to enter Account Number + IFSC details, UPI ID, Scan QR code, or Tez User Phone Number. You can make and receive payments from businesses as well.

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