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How School can use Bulk WhatsApp Message Blaster to send Results

Simple Upgrade for School Results . WhatsApp is the most popular messenger App for daily communication across India. Some have been using WhatsApp for professional communication like sharing proposal, reports, and many more activities run across. Why WhatsApp Blaster for... Continue Reading →

Massive Unstructured and Semi Structured Data

Massive Unstructured and Semi – Structured Data is accumulated in last 5-6 years with widely used electronic device across globe. If we consider most popular server like YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Pinterest is building massive data every single... Continue Reading →


The point of our framework is to lend get a handle on all data by categorizing it in four simple groups (Internal Customer Data, External Customer Data, Social Data, Device Data).  It’s not about collecting data for the sake of... Continue Reading →

Content in Digital Viral Marketing

We all make all learning attempt to know more about digital marketing. We try to come up with creative content and expect to go it viral with loads of clicks and shares on different social media platforms. Back end process... Continue Reading →

Freedom 251 World’s Cheapest Smart Phone Launched in India 2016.

Freedom 251 Cell phone is a small initiative to come closer for Digital India. Bus Station, Railway Station, Air Ports, School, College and other major public place have been enabled with free Wi-Fi for easy communication to digital world. Freedom... Continue Reading →

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