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Bulk SMS System for School

School SMS System - School Bulk SMS system sending results and leave SMS system.


Why to Download Bulk Online SMS Delivery Report

Online Bulk SMS and WhatsApp Marketing Service Tips. Analytic and Data driven SMS delivery report. Spear Communication

Bulk SMS and WhatsApp Marketing for Republic Day India 2016

2016 is here and many things are set to change in the digital landscape. The ever evolving user preferences and the fast pace of technological transformation will bring about sweeping changes in the digital marketing industry Recharge your marketing plan... Continue Reading →

Start Up Funda – Serial Indian Entrepreneur 02

Kiran Gopinath Founder and COO of Webshastra (1999-06) Ozone Media (now Adadyn Feb, 2006 - Current¬†¬† (over 9 years) What does Serial Indian entrepreneur says? Opportunity knocks twice, thrice, what matters is whether you are prepared to take off or... Continue Reading →

Start Up Funda – Serial Indian Entrepreneur 01

"Work like there is someone working 24 hrs a day to take it all away from you". Mark Cuban Ashok Soota At age of 67 started 2nd company an set goal of $100MN in span of 5 years. Swaminathan k... Continue Reading →

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