Digital marketing is one of medium to promote products or maintain brand value electronically. Traditional marketing differs from digital marketing, this involves different channels and methods which enable an organization to know every campaign, analyze and understand the trend of promotions in real time.

 Spear Communication WhatsApp & Bulk SMS Marketing.


2016 is here and many things are set to change in the digital landscape. The ever evolving user preferences and the fast pace of technological transformation will bring about sweeping changes in the digital marketing industry

Recharge your marketing plan with Super Saver Bulk SMS & Bulk WhatsApp Message.

Bulk WhatsApp Blaster is software to connect with mass WhatsApp users in single go. Plan for mass WhatsApp campaign using quick demo. WhatsApp blaster is basically use to share humorous content with motive of business development, branding to run promotional offers.

Under WhatsApp campaign your content is never missed by WhatsApp users. Yes any message received under private chat it’s observed 99.99% people read it within 30 minutes. That’s very impressive response time for any company or brand to reach out more than millions of WhatsApp users and expect response within 30 minutes.