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Diwali offer on Bulk WhatsApp Message

Time to think out of Box , Start Buzzing your promotional activity for instant promotional campaign.  Spear Communication serving & encouraging small and mid size Business entities for mobile campaign using latest tool. Mobile marketing is utmost tool to reach out mass audience in single click.

Direct mobile marketing or Bulk WhatsApp Message is lethal weapon where companies fetch quick response targeting WhatsApp users.  Sending promotional content to College students, Employees and self employed is now just few seconds game. Diving deep in data to extract required data base for WhatsApp users is such easy task.

Working on Bulk WhatsApp marketing is super cool mode. Customers can be engaged with multiple content as text, image audio and audio. These campaign is sure shot workout plan at last moment.

Contact team Spear Communication for quick demo account. Explore world of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing.  Bulk WhatsApp message spear across Globe with purpose to connect WhatsApp users for Bulk WhatsApp Marketing.





How to use WhatsApp for marketing?

WhatsApp for business marketing is smart step to connect with WhatsApp user across country.  Bulk  WhatsApp message software has flexibility to reach more than 1 million in single day for quick response.

Using Bulk WhatsApp message has prompt delivery service. Which business to reach customers at personal level.  Sharing weekly updates turns brand generation process.

Share video, Images , audio and text for next level of communication. Virtual numbers keep your individual identity secured, no need to use personal  number for official communication. Run secured WhatsApp campaign at from early morning to late evening. No limitation on campaign content, make use of multimedia content

How Send Image on WhatsApp Blaster?

Spear Communication provide simple panel for user to send images and video or text content. Using online panel user can connect with 20,000 WhatsApp users in single click.





Google Tez Mobile App Quick Guide

Tez app is available to use on Android as well as iOS, and supports various local languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. The registration process starts with your mobile number associated with your bank accounts to set up this app. Google Tez app sends an OTP SMS from your number to the bank to get UPI access. For a fresh UPI ID for you and links it to the Google account. On Android, the Google Account is selected by default as the one used on your phone, but you can change the ID by logging into the other account; the ID will be linked to one Google Account only. Manual process to be followed for iPhone, to sign into their Google Accounts.
Google Tez app deliberately makes user to undergo few extra process, to secure data, you have the option of App lock using your fingerprint available in user device fingerprint scanner. Secondary option to keep the same Security PIN as screen unlock for safety use.
Sending money using the app is fairly easy, user can tap in the payments tab and lists all the contacts in your phone book with Google Tez app. Other payment needs to be followed as user have the option to enter Account Number + IFSC details, UPI ID, Scan QR code, or Tez User Phone Number. You can make and receive payments from businesses as well.

Data analytics behind the hugely popular Video on demand (VOD) platform for web and mobile.

Last couple of years, digital video streaming across globe has become a hotly contested space. The market is growing at a fast pace and Video Streaming App is gaining its popularity like wild fire.

In many countries TV content production house are launching individual mobile App. These company uses a combination of consumer insights developed through real time research as well data analytics coming out App/Web user’s consumption, cumulative data bring together to get a formula of what the audience enjoy solo viewing.

The key to monetization is personalized Ads contested VOD space. Next level, going solo is with VR Experience technology is still a cocoon.  Virtual Reality (VR) experience will boost promising quality with smart phones offering stellar 3D experience in Sports, Action genre of entertainment. Many have dipped their toes in VR offering at a 2D/180 Degree experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) experience VOD

How to use WhatsApp Blaster

WhatsApp blaster an online tool used for marketing across globe. WhatsApp is only application used in most of the countries. Marketing activity is conducted to connect with customer or to generate business leads. WhatsApp for desktop is very simple to connect with customer sharing humorous content.


Directly or indirectly people keep doing research in their free time for particular product/service which they are willing to pay. Facebook users likely to click on sponsored Ads to know more about company. WhatsApp advertisement, highly influential easy process of converting leads to customer with repetitive campaign.  Let’s know how repetitive campaign work in WhatsApp marketing. 

To start with WhatsApp Text Campaign, share short text content featuring USP for product/service. First attempt is to make them recall bard information (store visit, conversation over call, action on old offers) this is process to lay platform for desire. Second attempt would be to share attractive image/video where same customer would show interest to visit website/ download App/ pay / possible to share among others groups.

Reach is not the limit, there is possibility to connect with WhatsApp user across country. Explore more try quick demo from Spear Communication. Understand how online WhatsApp marketing works for promotions.



Bulk WhatsApp Message Blaster

How to use WhatsApp for lead generation and business promotions.

WhatsApp is well know mobile app used across globe for its simplicity and easy to use for personal and official use. Targeting WhatsApp users is the best way to segment and target your customers. WhatsApp allow marketers share daily product/service updates using Bulk WhatsApp blaster. This way user get better insights by other business owners adding them to group chat room on post campaign. Advantage of this feature, there are more chances of your message to go viral when the participant shares the content with their friends, marketeers content will be shared across all groups.

Initially people used for personal communication, now its being used :

Sales Team Report group

Mira Apartments Society Group

Account Team

Crazy Cousin’s

Mad Bad Friends

Leave Management and many such more

latest WhatsApp being used for business promotions, online mobile application helps company/institute helps to connect with user in very short time. Online WhatsApp Blaster has built in software for mass communication up to 20,000 users in single click.

How does Bulk WhatsApp message work ?

WhatsApp blaster has easy to use interface, user has to login, upload text/image/video and last part is insert WhatsApp user database to run campaign on 10 lakh numbers in single day.

WhatsApp Blaster is flexible upload multimedia content as Video, Audio Clip, HD Image and text up to 1,000 char. Campaign content have to be informative. Rich content leave long term impact and leads to business opportunity after every campaign. Create humorous content to get quick attention which make WhatsApp user to read and immediate react on it.

Whats is WhatsApp marketing

From Where to purchase Bulk WhatsApp Message Blaster ?

Spear Communication provide Bulk WhatsApp and SMS panel. Any individual can use this panel and run WhatsApp campaign. Try Free Demo and explore tricks of Bulk WhatsApp Message Blaster. Contact Team Spear and experiment trail campaign with  free demo account.




Free Online WhatsApp Marketing Software

Local Online Marketing Service

Why business need online marketing service, to contact local audience who would be interested to use product/service your are providing them?

Let’s find out why any business need to initiate promotional campaign. Few business need to push products to people, firstly to generate need in customer secondary sell it to target audience.

Generate Demand:  Before product/service is introduced to audience they should be asked a simple question and tend to think about particular product/service and keep it running in unconscious mind.

Share image or text content carrying emotions on regular basis at regular interval, initial response post campaign might get delayed.  Gradually response is increased as campaign get optimized after each execution

Whats is WhatsApp marketing
Daily WhatsApp Campaign Report


Successful campaign need perfect formula, which is derived after each multimedia trial campaigns.

Share your requirement to start WhatsApp marketing with Free Demo Account




Send Bulk WhatsApp content online

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing – Share Image, Video, Audio and text up to 1000 characteristic. How to use online WhatsApp Messages for mass campaigns.

Plan promotions using online WhatsApp campaign for events like

Online WhatsApp Marketing for Political Campaign

Online WhatsApp Marketing for Product launch

Online Marketing for Movie Promotion & more

Individual like to use WhatsApp marketing to reach near by residents, intention is to reach out mass audience at very short time. With just few clicks and uploading content real time communication is delivered to WhatsApp users.

Free Online WhatsApp marketing Spear Communication
Online WhatsApp Dashboards

Real time online user dashboard, online WhatsApp panel is as simple to use at super user experience. Track your previous campaign with detail campaign insights on your finger tips. There is lot to explore and experiment with set of algorithms and content delivery.

We have come across many campaign feedback from our initial mass WhatsApp campaign which helped to ensure every content uploaded is delivered at very secure gateway to respective recipients. There is nothing much to worry about uploaded content on panel. Secured encryption process is well designed from point it is uploaded till entire campaign is executed.

Assurance on end to end data security for reliable service at top notch WhatsApp campaign report. WhatsApp platform is secured Application for authenticity all these years589bc6222c4095a15f063c64_security_masthead

Dive deep inside into online WhatsApp marketing where you might likely find this entire process of WhatsApp marketing interesting. This application is quite additive for marketing campaign at every situation.

Don’t wait for us to call and contact you,  explain this process in detail, drop us a mail and start with your 1st WhatsApp campaign with Spear Communication using demo account. Reach us out on one mail would get closer to WhatsApp Campaign.

Visit  Spear Communication to try  Free Demo



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