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Cheap Bulk SMS Service Provider

Cheap is sometime wont turn out Best. Why SMS marketing is used in massive mode to make it more scale able to make it working.

SMS Gateway integrated with any mobile or web application as OTP (One Time Password) order conformation details, payment details through SMS. Spear Communication render free technical assistance with SMS API. Demo account turns very helpful while testing SMS API in process of design and product alteration.

Promotional SMS has been tampering well enough with cheap Bulk SMS offer. Customer suffer after executing SMS campaign with delivery issue. Delay in SMS delivery can ruin entire SMS campaign, SMS are delivered up to 40% in their entire process no matter size of database.

Shed few extra money and make sure your campaign works well every time. Tie up with reputed local SMS service provider and save your marketing budget.

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Online WhatsApp Promotions

Cost effective online promotional WhatsApp marketing tool.  Why this tool is widely used with mass audience online promotions. Also as its independent WhatsApp number you are not restricted to share your direct contact details with unknown numbers.

Marketer demand for Free WhatsApp software and Free WhatsApp marketing to reach mass audience with promotional video/Audio content. WhatsApp messenger promotions is made available for Free.

One WhatsApp Credit = IMAGE / VIDEO / AUDIO / TEXT Msg


WhatsApp & SMS Marketing Free in India

Inbuilt WhatsApp Number Filter : This advance feature to filter database, in long run it saves Online WhatsApp credits.  Try with WhatsApp marketing free with Spear Communication.

Now buy Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Audio, Videos Plan starting from 10,000 credits.  For more details about Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Audio, Videos Packages

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House hold business and small scale business have been extremely benefited with online SMS Marketing with lead generation, customer loyalty program,  promotional SMS, Seasonal greetings on simple text message. Multimedia promotional campaign with interactive video and image can take your campaign way across your exception.

WhatsApp panel is under development to assure more integrated analytic option for better campaign optimization at niche level.

How logically women can use Online Marketing to promote Household Business

Women entrepreneurs are encouraged to match the competition in Tech world. We come across many tech startups run successfully by women and setting example at every mode of business discussion. Urban women are now well supported by family and friends to take this initiative.

There are few names who have changed women entrepreneurship where it is has been difficult pathway to celebrate and accommodate different channel of celebration.


Facebook Page



Bulk SMS

Online WhatsApp & more


Lets get deeper into how an individual can contact mass audience withing minutes with purpose to promote product or service on regular basis, which can help self employed women scale business to next level using online marketing service.

Above mentioned can help local business to reach mass audience in very short span of time. These activity should be active on regular basis for gradual growth in business development. In free time women can share few promotional content on the above platform which can bring positive response at some point of time. Share rich text content using Bulk SMS or WhatsApp can push your product at personal mode. Super creative image, video or audio can attract customer instantly.





Wish Merry Christmas with Santa🎅 and Snowflake ❄️ Emoji

Christmas Celebration with Emoji for iPhone and Android Mobile Phone.

Unicode Consortium continue their commitment to realizing a beautiful dream of racial harmony through multicultural emoji.


Finally, all the world’s races are represented, be you black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, or … what’s that school-bus-yellow one? Lego? Maybe the Unicode Consortium can tweak those flesh tones before the X Mas release.

Uni Code for Santa :

🎅 : Unicode U+1F385

Twitter Snap chat Facebook Instagram are most popular social media platform are being using these emoji for emotional touch.




Massive Unstructured and Semi Structured Data

Massive Unstructured and Semi – Structured Data is accumulated in last 5-6 years with widely used electronic device across globe. If we consider most popular server like YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Pinterest is building massive data every single minute. To arrange massive data we need Tools and extract data.

Data Science: Dealing with unstructured and structured data, Data Science is a field that comprises of everything that related to data cleansing, preparation, and analysis.
Data Science is the combination of statistics, mathematics, programming, problem solving, capturing data in ingenious ways, the ability to look at things differently, and the activity of cleansing, preparing, and aligning the data.

What is root cause analysis?

Root cause analysis was initially developed to analyze industrial accidents, but is now widely used in other areas. It is basically a technique of problem solving used for isolating the root causes of faults or problems. A factor is called a root cause if its deduction from the problem-fault-sequence averts the final undesirable event from reoccurring.

How Online WhatsApp Marketing works

Spear Communication Online WhatsApp Marketing Features.

Online marketing has changed trend of marketing every few years. Marketing is turned effective only if marketer comes up with innovative idea, content plays important role to connect with audience. Online WhatsApp marketing has come up to server marketer requirements with new vertical to communicate.

The following details are shared for quick go through on features available for Online WhatsApp tool.

  • Our each message support 1000 characters.
  • WhatsApp Delivery ratio 85% to 90%.
  • You can send upto 10 Lac messages in a day.
  • Bulk WhatsApp panel supports for each campaign maximum 20,000 mobile numbers in single campaign .
  • Entire interface is build Considering the customer edge.
  • Panel accept duplicate mobile numbers, Please remove duplicate numbers before the campaign.
  • WhatsApp Web Panel will accept .jpg, .png image format and maximum image size is 5 MB.
  • WhatsApp Web Panel will accept .avi, .mp4, .mov video format and maximum video size is 10 MB.

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How To Logically Use WhatsApp Marketing and generate new leads.

Product launch, Referral code, Festive Greetings, Discount, Offer & Sale, these terms transform target audience to organic lead. Lead generation is second most difficult task after reaching audience at right point of time.

Why WhatsApp is more influential tool to communicate right audience. General market survey showcase WhatsApp users are not limited to certain age group compared to other shopping, dating or any free messenger App.

Other Social media have mass impact on any promotional campaign for any range of product, service which marketer invest more time correspondingly increase budget for entire marketing campaign.

Spear Communication Online WhatsApp Marketing

Online WhatsApp marketing involve 3 steps for instant WhatsApp marketing campaign which goes as:

  • Influential content to drive audience and capture audience in very short time frame.

content can be text, image, video or audio.  Image works very well for WhatsApp campaign, image has capacity to pitch required details and deliver content in fraction of seconds.

  • There is no limitation for Online WhatsApp campaign using online tool.

Multiple campaign are executed  to reach large number of audience, highest number can be even 1 million or more in single day.

  • Lastly execute online WhatsApp campaign and reach mass in just few minutes.

Video and audio are other option available for online WhatsApp campaign, recent findings survey on WhatsApp users are often show more interest to download image and share across rather than download video or any audio promotional content.

Online WhatsApp campaign is executed with auto generated virtual number. Therefore WhatsApp campaign  is one way service after content is delivered, marketer have to focus how best customer can get back to marketer for next level of communication.


Send Video as GIF on WhatsApp without any hacks

Anxious to know how to convert Video into GIF and share on WhatsApp.

If you are using latest WhatsApp Android version, follow these few easy steps.

  • Open chat screen from your WhatsApp contact list.
  • Click on attachment icon, Select gallery and choose short video clip.
Video into GIF and share on WhatsApp

you can notice in above image, right hand top corner video camera icon appears only after you crop video clip to smaller size and convert into GIF. Tap on video camera icon and switch format of video to GIF and vise versa.

Surprise your friends, relatives with new WhatsApp GIF




Discussing about Online WhatsApp Marketing.

Here are few topics we often discuss with customer over call before they start using online demo WhatsApp and SMS panel.

What is Online WhatsApp Marketing.

Features available in online WhatsApp Marketing tool.

Difference in manual and online WhatsApp Marketing.

How Online WhatsApp Marketing tool used in Business promotions.

Customer engagement plays important role, Organic growth is the process of business expansion by increased output, customer base expansion, or new product development, as opposed to mergers and acquisitions, which is inorganic growth.

Organic growth is expected from existing customer data base, situation as of offer, sale discount, new product or service launch are likely to generate business  from existing customer database.

Online WhatsApp Marketing is simple panel where user can login from computer or cell phone to reach mass audience with single click. User not to be worried of sharing personal WhatsApp number to initiate WhatsApp campaign, for security reason we generate unique number for online campaign to reach all WhatsApp user across globe.

User can take advantage with features available in online WhatsApp Marketing tool to communicate customer or generate new  lead using Image, Video or Audio supported content for effective campaign. Multi media content can be easily uploaded from user to express customer with quality content in single glimpse. User cant find out time form his busy schedule ? Online panel allows user to plan WhatsApp campaign in well advance, scheduled campaign is executed exactly on mentioned date and time.

Online WhatsApp campaign works with highly tech supported server, this advance feature allows user to execute multiple campaign in single time, user can deliver desired content using multimedia content on entire data base. Customer database can vary from 100 to 1,00,000 contacts in single day. Delivery is assured using online panel to any set of database compared to manually saving contacts in cell phone every time updating new contacts in cell phone, creating 100 of broadcast list and sharing personal number with stranger is little cozy.

Digital panel convert your business promotions much organized and helps much in new lead generation along with customer loyalty program are big  hit during Festive season, and year ending sale.

Free demo will help you to get more closer to Online WhatsApp Campaign experience.

Team Spear  will be always to listen and under your requirement.

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